Thursday, 23 April 2015

Judy Moody Mood Martian

A Book Review
Judy Moody Mood Martian
Author: Megan McDonald
The book Judy Moody Mood Martian is a Comedy and Humor book. Throughout the book it mostly circles around Judy and her adventure in being in a good mood. Judy is an unorganized 8 year old and she loves to finger knit. Mostly Judy is always willing to push herself in everything she does.
This book takes place in a one week period of time and at Judy’s school and home. At school they celebrated Backwards Day, where they do everything backwards. I infer that the year would be in 2012 because Judy’s classes used lots of technology and they also had a Leap Year.
Because of Backwards Day Judy decided to be in a good mood for the whole week. What she did to help her was wearing a mood ring and using nail polish to paint it purple because purple means you’re happy. Another thing she tried to do to make her happy was doing something she loved, finger knitting. Quickly she knitted all day and night. One of her obstacles was her parents were getting mad because all her knitting stuff was all over the house. Judy tried being someone else she wasn’t; she tried being Jessica Finch. Judy made her hair all perfect and wore clothes that match and look perfect.
I really liked the writing style because they used funny words like made up words and they had lots of dialogue. Instead of the author telling about Judy’s ball of yarn she made a song about Judy’s ball of yarn to describe about her how much Judy had knitted to make her in a good mood.
After finishing this book I know that the theme of this book is being yourself would make you happier then being someone you’re not. I think this theme was important because people think that being pretty and smart and skinny would make you happier with yourself but actually it makes you angrier with yourself. Being yourself makes you happy because you don’t have to change a thing you’re doing.
I liked this book because this book is very funny and the characters are relatable and it teaches you different life skills in a way that younger people can understand it. Like when Judy was getting stressed over math anyone can relate to that when they are stressed. I would recommend this book if you like funny and inspirational books. 

Monday, 9 March 2015

A Series Of Unfortunate Events

       Violet, Klaus and Sunny are sad lonely orphans in London in 1873; I think they are in this time because it’s dark and gloomy and there’s no talk about modern day technology. They are upset because their parents died in a mysterious fire and they were sent to live with their mean cousin count Olaf who we discover is giving impossible tasks, feeding them terrible food and making them cook and scorning them because he didn’t specify what he wanted and they cooked something different.
       Violet is a creative young girl whose main purpose is to save her family from count Olaf. Klaus is an intelligent and brave child trying not to worry about his family’s fate. Sunny is a clueless young individual who doesn’t understand what’s happening what so ever.
         I did not like this book because it was just so sad and depressing and the fact that there’s heavy fog over the city and that they cant do anything about their life and about bullies. But overall it was a good book but not my kind of story.

The Eyes Of The Storms

                                                         the eyes of the storms 

the book the eyeof the storms
takes place in a happy, joyful valley near a pond with a blue heaven sky and long, playful green grass like the color of a leaf in the olden days.  I think this book takes place in the olden days because in the book they seem to be farming and reading books and not using technology.
There are five main characters.  When it comes to bravery, Grandma Ben is always in for some fun.  She is very brave and strong and she has no fear.  Fone Bone is in love with a girl named Torn.  He wrote poems and had a crush on her but he is very shy with girls but very nice and kind to everyone he sees.  Fone Bone also loves Moby Dick books.  Phoney is one of Fone Bone’s friends and is a grumpy and rude boy.  He loves this family but always makes others embarrassed.  Smiley is a goofy and silly person and sometimes annoying but loves to make others laugh.  Smiley also loves his pals, Fone Bone and Phoney.  Thorn is a beautiful girl who loves to explore and live like the 90’s.  She’s a friend with Fone Bone and her Grandma.
Fone Bone kept on having weird dreams and so had Thorn.  However, they wake up and they forget the dreams.  When Thorn told Bone about her dreams, Grandma Ben had started to act weird all of a sudden.  Next, these rats started to follow them!  But why is Grandma Ben acting weird about the dreams?  You will have to read to find out.

I love this book because it’s easy to read and its so exciting to find out what’s going to happen.  I love it because there is a lot of mystery to it.

Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone Review

Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone
Date: February 18, 2015

By: Tyler 

In the book harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, there is a place named Hogwarts and it is a school for wizards. It is in a forest in the middle of the woods. Hogwarts it looks like a castle with its four towers.  The castle is hidden so nobody but wizards can get in.

In the book there are 3 main characters named Harry Potter, Ron and Hermione. They are best friends in the story, and they go through a crazy situation. Harry is a boy how is 11 to 12 years old and he has black hair, circle glasses. Ron is the same age as Harry and he has orange hair and he has a pet rat. There is a girl named Hermione she is smart and she has brown hair and she makes smart jokes.  

The book Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone is about a boy named Harry Potter. He lives with his mean aunt and uncle and mean cousin Dudley. They are mean because they don’t treat harry nicely.  They go on a little road trip and they go into an old cabin and then there is a big person who wants harry to come with him. This big person is Hagridard tells harry to come to the school named Hogwarts; the school for wizard’s. At Hogwarts he meets a friend named Ron, and Hermione is his friend too. As harry learns how to be a wizard, he also learns there is an evil person who wants him dead! Who could this person be, and why do they want harry dead? 

I thought that the book was amazing the way they had descriptive writing and so many good words.

The lesson in this book is that treat peoples the way you want to be treated that is the golden rule.


Dragon Blood book review

Dragon Blood
Author: Michael Dahl
February 20, 2015

 Doragonblood is a fantasy novel about a 16-year-old boy named Henry.  Henry is an artistic young man who likes to take risks.  As demonstrated by his willingness to adventure into a strange, dark, abandoned city where cars are disappearing in search of a missing friend.  A further risk that Henry takes is in his choice to become blood brothers with his best friend, Matt.  In the past, the two boys were influenced by a TV show that shows people exchanging blood by the poking of fingers to signify their loyalty to one another.  The boys are blood brothers and would do anything for each other.  

Before Henry sets out in search of his blood brother, he is having dreams of disappearing cars.  Fearing Matt may be involved in the trouble, Henry travels into unknown territory by bus in search f answers about his missing friend.  Once he arrives in the abandoned city, Henry is drawn to a particular building with an antenna, which was in his dreams.  He takes the risk and travels to the top of the building.  As the he opens the door, he is greeted by a pile of missing cars.  All of sudden, a massive, dragon-shaped creature appears from behind the stolen cars.  Where has Matt disappeared too?  Will Henry ever find Matt in this mess?  Michael Dahl’s theme is creative.  He keeps you reading, as the loyalty of the friends is real and the search intensifies.  

The author of Dragonblood, Michael Dahl, provides readers with a unique type of writing.  The font style of important words that may be tricky to some readers give picture clues in the font.  While the language in this fantasy text is simple to read, it is still engaging for readers.    The pictures in this novel are detailed and add to the story.  Readers can visualize further with the unique illustrations.   In my opinion, Dragonblood is a  really good book  because of it’s    unique writing style with it’s  with its pictures on the  tricky word  above the word

Bone: Rose

Bone: Rose
By: Jeff Smith

            This Graphic Novel takes place in a fantastical valley. It is full of dragons, spirits, and rat creatures. There is also an invisible source called the dreaming, which is inside everyone and surrounds everything in the valley.

            The two main characters are Rose and Briar who are sisters. Rose is a positive, helpful, caring girl. However, Briar is an unforgiving and misunderstanding girl. Rose also dislikes anyone not following the expectations especially herself.

            At the beginning of the book, the sisters are being told the story of the valley and how it was formed. Later, Rose takes on the rouge river dragon. She also runs into a rat creature. Will any more unfortunate events happen? Read to find out!

            I liked this book because it is a fantastical graphic novel. It is also very exiting as you read through the book. It is recommended to any one that likes to read graphic novels. This is the sequel to the rest of the bone books and should be read last for the best reaction. So, if you love the bone chronicles, you’ll love this one too!

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire
By: Suzanne Collins

This book is about a girl named Katniss. She is a brave girl and she won the The Hunger Games with a boy named Peeta. Peeta is a person who does the right thing and is nice. Katniss’s sister is Prim, who is a nice and loving girl, and Gale is Katniss’s best friend.
After winning the Hunger Games. The Hunger Games is a when two girl and boy are chosen to survive in the wood and there will be bad weather and mythical animals that the keeper send in. The Keeper is a person who control the Hunger Games and does was very rebellious. After that she was going to have to go to the Hunger Games again but against all the winners in the Hunger Games! She does have allies but is it enough to survive but later on Katniss got three more allies but, then the weather killed most of them. Will Katniss survive alone or will one ally survive with her?
This story take place at Districts are a state in the city, wood and a water terrain. Its mostly in the woods and the Hunger Games is a dome.
I like it and but not that much  because I like the teamwork Katniss shows but the violent is bad. I also like the part when Peeta almost died and Katniss didn’t give up on him. I didn’t like all the violence in it but it was a fun book to read in my opinion.