Monday, 23 February 2015

Light Land

Light Land
A Review
By: H.L. McCutchen

In this book, Light Land there are two main characters. Lottie is a girl; she is a strong girl that stands up for her best friend Lewis. She always has the top score in every class, but she always wears her PJs to school. Her memories are always clear; she remembers everything that she sees. Although she has good memories, she never had memories of her mother. Lewis on the other hand, Lewis is the opposite gender of Lottie. He is just like Lottie except he doesn’t speak at all. He just gives a nod or a shake for his answer. So Lottie has to speak up for him. When his Father disappeared, Lewis never once spoke again. He also has good grades just like Lottie. He isn’t very communicative to others. He has been friends with Lottie since Kindergarten.
Lottie lives in a little house besides Lewis’s house.  They live in an Iowa cornfield, and go to school together. Clearly, the story mostly takes place in Light Land where it is very grassy, there are not much trees there.
Lottie’s dad found a story box that looked like the deep color of Lottie’s cherry tree. Lottie told Lewis about the story box, after school they got out the story box and got transported to Light Land. When they are transported to Light Land it was night, Lottie got transported back by sleeping but she was the only one that got out of Light Land. Lewis on the other hand was trapped and there he made a new little friend. His name was October; he was a little mouse that wanted freedom from the Night King that controls Light Land’s memories. They say Night King doesn’t have memories himself, so he tries to steal other people memories.
I liked this book because I used to not like fantasy books or movies, but now when I read this book, I came to love fantasy books. When I finished reading the book t was like ‘Poof’ sparkles everywhere on the book. I kind of like the writing style, because it has some variety in sentence starters, and some juicy words that gets the picture in your mind. I think the theme of the life lesson in this book is about helping each other to gain everyone’s freedom, and helping each other out to escape. That book was like a new door opened to my mind. This book is a really good book to read if your mood is all confused with things and don’t know what to do, because the same thing happened to a character in this book. My book actually made me want to read the second book of Light Land.

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