Monday, 23 February 2015

The Island of Chaldea

 The island of Chaldea
Author: Diana Wynnde jones
March 31 2014

            The book Island of Chaldea takes place in two worlds, where one is realistic and the others is fantasy. I think that this book takes place in 2013 because its seemed like its in the 2000s and it reminds me that people invented technology which means time travel into the future since time travel exists in fantasy

            There are three main characters. Aileen is a 13 year old girl who’s nice and sweet, but when it come to missions she is really not that interested but she’s really brave and has no fear. Aunt Beck is a 36 year old woman who’s adventurous. She goes on quests, and she also is very brave and not scared. Ivar is a young boy who is Aileen’s annoying cousin who’s spoiled but she still likes him.

Aunt Beck has magical powers that Aileen does not know about but when the kings come into Aunt Becks house the kings tell her she has to go to on a mission to save a king. Aunt Beck agrees and drags Aileen and ivar with her. They travel to another magical land where they have to try to save the king and find clues but Aileen does not know that she has something special. Are they ever going to find the king and will they make it out alive?

                  I like this book but I didn’t love it because the writer used too many descriptive words and  not telling the story but once your used to it you know what happened. And it’s interesting but not exciting.

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