Monday, 23 February 2015

The Meanwhile Adventures

The Meanwhile Adventures

By: Roddy Doyle

            The Meanwhile Adventure is an adventure book where the Mack family is going on different adventures of their own and had little problems in between. It takes place in Dublin, where the Mack family lives, in jail and in Beijing China. In Dublin every kids had to be with a guardian or the kids will be put into the orphanage.
            This story is mostly based on Mister Mack put into jail and his wife Billie Jean breaking a record. Mister Mack is an inventor but a not so good one.  He invented a saw that cuts wood but was mistaken as a machine gun. He was an ex-prisoner for a misunderstanding. By the descriptions in the book I infer that Mister Mack is in his early 30s. Billie Jean is an independent and strong woman. She enjoys breaking records everyday and loves aiming for perfection. Referring to the book, I think she might be in her late 20s.
            Mister Mack was put into jail for a misunderstanding at the bank. He was put into jail because his saw looked like a machine gun and everyone thought he was going to rob the bank. While that happen Billie Jean was running around the world trying to break a record of First Women To Run Across The World Without Telling Anyone. It was up to their children to get Mister Mack out of Prison and to find Billie Jean before the orphan catcher catches them.
            The theme of this book is to not give if something is too hard and that you can get help along the way too. Like Billie Jean never gave up when the woman trying to beat her ran pass her. She tried harder and ran faster. Mister Mack did not give up when he couldn’t get out of jail and had some help on the way.
            I didn’t like this book because it didn’t have lots of descriptive writing and when the author kept on interrupting during the story. I also didn’t like this book because the author switched from one situation and then to the other. I would recommend this book to someone who likes adventure books but this one was not my type.

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