Monday, 9 March 2015

A Series Of Unfortunate Events

       Violet, Klaus and Sunny are sad lonely orphans in London in 1873; I think they are in this time because it’s dark and gloomy and there’s no talk about modern day technology. They are upset because their parents died in a mysterious fire and they were sent to live with their mean cousin count Olaf who we discover is giving impossible tasks, feeding them terrible food and making them cook and scorning them because he didn’t specify what he wanted and they cooked something different.
       Violet is a creative young girl whose main purpose is to save her family from count Olaf. Klaus is an intelligent and brave child trying not to worry about his family’s fate. Sunny is a clueless young individual who doesn’t understand what’s happening what so ever.
         I did not like this book because it was just so sad and depressing and the fact that there’s heavy fog over the city and that they cant do anything about their life and about bullies. But overall it was a good book but not my kind of story.

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