Monday, 9 March 2015

Bone: Rose

Bone: Rose
By: Jeff Smith

            This Graphic Novel takes place in a fantastical valley. It is full of dragons, spirits, and rat creatures. There is also an invisible source called the dreaming, which is inside everyone and surrounds everything in the valley.

            The two main characters are Rose and Briar who are sisters. Rose is a positive, helpful, caring girl. However, Briar is an unforgiving and misunderstanding girl. Rose also dislikes anyone not following the expectations especially herself.

            At the beginning of the book, the sisters are being told the story of the valley and how it was formed. Later, Rose takes on the rouge river dragon. She also runs into a rat creature. Will any more unfortunate events happen? Read to find out!

            I liked this book because it is a fantastical graphic novel. It is also very exiting as you read through the book. It is recommended to any one that likes to read graphic novels. This is the sequel to the rest of the bone books and should be read last for the best reaction. So, if you love the bone chronicles, you’ll love this one too!

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