Monday, 9 March 2015

Dragon Blood book review

Dragon Blood
Author: Michael Dahl
February 20, 2015

 Doragonblood is a fantasy novel about a 16-year-old boy named Henry.  Henry is an artistic young man who likes to take risks.  As demonstrated by his willingness to adventure into a strange, dark, abandoned city where cars are disappearing in search of a missing friend.  A further risk that Henry takes is in his choice to become blood brothers with his best friend, Matt.  In the past, the two boys were influenced by a TV show that shows people exchanging blood by the poking of fingers to signify their loyalty to one another.  The boys are blood brothers and would do anything for each other.  

Before Henry sets out in search of his blood brother, he is having dreams of disappearing cars.  Fearing Matt may be involved in the trouble, Henry travels into unknown territory by bus in search f answers about his missing friend.  Once he arrives in the abandoned city, Henry is drawn to a particular building with an antenna, which was in his dreams.  He takes the risk and travels to the top of the building.  As the he opens the door, he is greeted by a pile of missing cars.  All of sudden, a massive, dragon-shaped creature appears from behind the stolen cars.  Where has Matt disappeared too?  Will Henry ever find Matt in this mess?  Michael Dahl’s theme is creative.  He keeps you reading, as the loyalty of the friends is real and the search intensifies.  

The author of Dragonblood, Michael Dahl, provides readers with a unique type of writing.  The font style of important words that may be tricky to some readers give picture clues in the font.  While the language in this fantasy text is simple to read, it is still engaging for readers.    The pictures in this novel are detailed and add to the story.  Readers can visualize further with the unique illustrations.   In my opinion, Dragonblood is a  really good book  because of it’s    unique writing style with it’s  with its pictures on the  tricky word  above the word

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