Monday, 9 March 2015

The Eyes Of The Storms

                                                         the eyes of the storms 

the book the eyeof the storms
takes place in a happy, joyful valley near a pond with a blue heaven sky and long, playful green grass like the color of a leaf in the olden days.  I think this book takes place in the olden days because in the book they seem to be farming and reading books and not using technology.
There are five main characters.  When it comes to bravery, Grandma Ben is always in for some fun.  She is very brave and strong and she has no fear.  Fone Bone is in love with a girl named Torn.  He wrote poems and had a crush on her but he is very shy with girls but very nice and kind to everyone he sees.  Fone Bone also loves Moby Dick books.  Phoney is one of Fone Bone’s friends and is a grumpy and rude boy.  He loves this family but always makes others embarrassed.  Smiley is a goofy and silly person and sometimes annoying but loves to make others laugh.  Smiley also loves his pals, Fone Bone and Phoney.  Thorn is a beautiful girl who loves to explore and live like the 90’s.  She’s a friend with Fone Bone and her Grandma.
Fone Bone kept on having weird dreams and so had Thorn.  However, they wake up and they forget the dreams.  When Thorn told Bone about her dreams, Grandma Ben had started to act weird all of a sudden.  Next, these rats started to follow them!  But why is Grandma Ben acting weird about the dreams?  You will have to read to find out.

I love this book because it’s easy to read and its so exciting to find out what’s going to happen.  I love it because there is a lot of mystery to it.

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