Thursday, 23 April 2015

Judy Moody Mood Martian

A Book Review
Judy Moody Mood Martian
Author: Megan McDonald
The book Judy Moody Mood Martian is a Comedy and Humor book. Throughout the book it mostly circles around Judy and her adventure in being in a good mood. Judy is an unorganized 8 year old and she loves to finger knit. Mostly Judy is always willing to push herself in everything she does.
This book takes place in a one week period of time and at Judy’s school and home. At school they celebrated Backwards Day, where they do everything backwards. I infer that the year would be in 2012 because Judy’s classes used lots of technology and they also had a Leap Year.
Because of Backwards Day Judy decided to be in a good mood for the whole week. What she did to help her was wearing a mood ring and using nail polish to paint it purple because purple means you’re happy. Another thing she tried to do to make her happy was doing something she loved, finger knitting. Quickly she knitted all day and night. One of her obstacles was her parents were getting mad because all her knitting stuff was all over the house. Judy tried being someone else she wasn’t; she tried being Jessica Finch. Judy made her hair all perfect and wore clothes that match and look perfect.
I really liked the writing style because they used funny words like made up words and they had lots of dialogue. Instead of the author telling about Judy’s ball of yarn she made a song about Judy’s ball of yarn to describe about her how much Judy had knitted to make her in a good mood.
After finishing this book I know that the theme of this book is being yourself would make you happier then being someone you’re not. I think this theme was important because people think that being pretty and smart and skinny would make you happier with yourself but actually it makes you angrier with yourself. Being yourself makes you happy because you don’t have to change a thing you’re doing.
I liked this book because this book is very funny and the characters are relatable and it teaches you different life skills in a way that younger people can understand it. Like when Judy was getting stressed over math anyone can relate to that when they are stressed. I would recommend this book if you like funny and inspirational books. 

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